• 7 years would be needed to convince the co-ownership – under the pressure of the City of Paris procedure – to undertake work of restoration, of which a large part would be paid by the patrimonial entities of the CHUET-YANG family, who were in favour of the complete restoration of the Hotel.
    The work was conducted between 2007 and 2011 on the outside facade and the court.
    The West wing of the Hotel is still in renovation by a private investment who is actively involved in the new life of our place with the creation of the boutique Hotel of 15 suites : Marquis.
  • The necessary reconstruction of the 3rd floor, which boards collapse, the renovation of the roofs in a global vision acceptable to the eye, the new purpose of the main courtyard…these are, among other, some of the work that needs to be carried on and finished in the next decade during which the gallery surfaces of our endowment fund will be developed.