Built from 1726 to 1728 during the great period of urbanization of the Faubourg St Honoré, the Mazin La Fayette Hotel, located 8 rue d’Anjou, carries:
- On the one hand, the name of its creator, an army architect and the guardian of the royal plans and the French fortifications under King Louis xv;
– And on the other hand, the name of the most prestigious host of those walls, which were to be his last residence: Marie-Paul-Joseph-Gilbert MOTIER MARQUIS DE LA FAYETTE and lieutenant general of the National Guard. 

  • At the 18th and 19th century, the hotel knew a sumptuous period that lasted more than one century with the families MAZIN and MARQUET DE BOURGADE.
  • It turned out to be an abandoned heritage of the PASTRE family. The hotel knew another century of work of restoration and maintenance but ended up at the end of the 20th century in a neglected state (a neighbouring promoter even proposed a project of purchase and destruction).